Daniel Joseph Mueller

Daniel Joseph Mueller provides coaching for leaders at every level. A pioneer of the leadership coaching industry, he is passionately dedicated to helping leaders become more effective in every aspect of their lives.

Since 1996, Daniel has coached more than one thousand CEOs, senior executives, and emerging leaders, the vast majority of whom have had transformational results. Thanks to hundreds of participating clients in the mid-80s, early 90s, Daniel developed, a proprietary coaching methodology which has now been validated over the past two decades and used worldwide by numbers of other professional leadership coaches.

Daniel is now designing an advanced coach-the-coach system to teach leaders how to reproduce themselves and grow future leaders. To support this system, Daniel created the SOLID Talent Accelerator Process (TAP), a cloud-based solution for developing next-generation emerging leaders.

From 1990 to 1996, Daniel served as President and CEO of Solid Foundation International Inc., an organizational design and development consultancy. There, he conducted numerous organizational, departmental, and team assessments. He also led many team-building and organizational improvement initiatives. Daniel designed and administered hundreds of qualitative, interview-based 360° assessments for one-on-one coaching clients. He then created individualized leadership development plans which consistently produced excellent results. During this time, he authored curriculum for corporate universities, including “Training Skills for Leaders” (on how leaders learn) and “Service BUILDS Sales” (on how leaders sell), and more than one dozen rapidread white papers on critical success factors for leaders. Daniel also created numerous leadership development courses and produced dozens of articles on related subjects.

From 1986 to 1990, Daniel was President and CEO of MAI, a regional management consultancy. This role gave him advanced education and experience in organizational design and development. MAI was acquired in 1990 by Organizational Leadership and Development, Inc. After this sale, Daniel left to create the SOLID suite of companies. Prior to this, from 1982 to 1986, Daniel was President and CEO of Wellness Consulting, Inc., a management training and development firm specializing in the healthcare industry. During this time, he gained expertise in the behavioral sciences, learned curriculum design, and developed the first part of his executive coaching methodology. Daniel began his career in 1975 as a personal trainer and fitness coach.

Daniel is gratefully married to the woman of his dreams, and has three awesome daughters and three wonderful granddaughters.

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